The Wisdom to Wait

Wandering through the amusement park, we had our destination set and our rides prioritized.  We were going to keep focus on the bigger rides earlier in the day, as the lines tend to build up as the day progresses.  With those rides on the other side of the park, we passed several other lesser rides whose promise of fun tempted us to them, deciding that we had enough room for them in our schedule.  A few rides later, along with some games of chance, we found we had missed out on the short lines, only to find a several hour’s wait when we finally got there.  Our decisions to take up the opportunities along the way lessened our chances at the bigger prizes down the road.  Lately, I found that my prayers have changed significantly regarding the things for which I’m praying.  Where I once used to pray for opportunities to change my world, the people in it, and my situations, with a desire to bring great change and victory for God and His kingdom, I lately find myself praying for wisdom, instead of opportunity.  As such, this approach has led me in different and unexpected directions.  I was recently offered an opportunity of church leadership where I would have opportunities to direct others, affecting a strong positive change in my environment.  The opportunities flashed before my eyes, as I considered all the chances that could be coming my way and how I could shape the outcome of my church through this position.  Now, the previous me would have jumped at the chance immediately, going for what is right in front of me, thinking that I would be winning great victories for Him by taking this opportunity.  However, having been praying for wisdom, I brought this decision to God, seeing if this new role was part of His larger plan.  As it turns out, God revealed that the time was not right, so I passed, knowing that my current course of action was to remain in its place.  In our Christian lives, when we are called to action, there is a distinct difference between hesitation and applying wisdom to choice.  Although I’m not really sure what His larger plan is for me, I know that it’s in place, and my current activities (writing these devotionals) is a direct component of it.  Even though I’m not sure where it’s leading, not really even knowing the effects they have, God has given me the wisdom to know that He is calling me to write as a contribution to my church.  James 1.5 suggests that, “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.”  Of all the things that God offers us, wisdom is one of the few that we don’t seek often enough.  We desire and seek His love, acceptance, and ultimately salvation, but once we have these items, we tend to mindlessly float in the spiritual ether of Christian good feeling that is created around us.  Wisdom awaits for us in abundance, but we shun it too often for emotional fulfillment.  With wisdom, our decisions change course and we ultimately head for a greater destination.  I frequently tell my students to take opportunity if it comes your way, but they also need wisdom to sort out opportunities and choose the right ones, not just any one.  Much like my walk through the amusement park, wisdom helps us to turn away from the ease and temptation of what is directly in front of us, expecting the better unseen in its place.  This week, seek challenge over gratification and pray for wisdom.  A greater end awaits you.  Amen.


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